camera obscura
drawing with light
Camera Obscura is an analog camera shop and portrait studio. We focus on alternative process photography, with a concentration in Polaroid and tintype development. Sure, we shoot digital sometimes (and we're avid Instagrammers), but there is a special place in our hearts for all things non-digital. We love old Polaroid SX70s and all toy cameras. In the shop you'll find vintage refurbished Polaroids, plus new and vintage Holgas and Dianas. Your film needs are met here too - instant film from The Impossible Project and Fuji, and 35mm and 120mm film from Illford and Lomography.

There is a studio onsite, and we schedule sessions by appointment. Camera Obscura is the only photo studio in Boston specializing in tintype photography. Tintypes are an intriguing way to capture images, and it's a method you're sure to write home about. Keep an eye out for special tintype days on our events page, or via our Facebook feed.

Candy began working at Camera Obscura in January 2015. She considers herself a hobby photographer but a lover of all things vintage and so working in a shop like this was right up her alley. When she isn't working, she's spending time with her dog, knitting, and drinking coffee.
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